About the Author

Photo by Ivan Avila

What do you get when you combine a burned out Recovering Accountant with a Writer, Actor, Model, Singer, Ballet Dancer, and a Fast Car Enthusiast? 

Scott Patrick Erwin, of course. No joke!

Scott Patrick Erwin is an American author, actor, and model. He is a writer who is inspired by life through seemingly simple activities, such as ballet and driving fast cars. His ambition is to inspire others to live fulfilling lives by taking the time to observe life, learn from it, grow throughout it and act to achieve their ambitions. He is inspired by Christian teachings, Stoic philosophy, and Buddhist meditation. 

He is the author of the book Life is a Ballet, inspired by more than a decade of dancing ballet with his kids as The Nutcracker in Tchaikovsky’s holiday favorite. It highlights the not so obvious life lessons learned on stage and in the dance studio that one can take into life.  

He is also the author of Life is Like a Fast Car, a book inspired by a 3,900-mile trip taken with his Father in a brand new GT Mustang, in a reverse Okie Migration. It uses the metaphor of a fast vehicle to look at life and our mental mindsets.

He is an adventurer at heart. He has climbed Mt. Whitney, explored the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland, driven Route 66, and skydived over California. He has trained in the martial arts, appreciates a really great craft beer, enjoys writing poetry and taking long walks on the beach (Really, I like walking on the beach, face in the sunshine, toes in the water, and a good dog or friend by my side. Don’t judge, this is not a dating profile). 

As a survivor of his brother’s suicide in 2009, he knows the impact of mental health challenges Veterans face, having dealt with his own mental health challenges from stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, and burnout. He supports causes that lift Veterans’ mental outlooks and initiatives that inspire Veterans to continue to embrace their Warrior Spirit in their personal lives to reduce and minimize Veteran Suicide.  

As a performing artist himself, he supports the arts through the proceeds of his book, Life is a Ballet. Art in all forms is what makes life beautiful. Children need art - dance, music, writing, drawing, painting, and all forms of creative expression to become their best selves. 

Scott was born in the Central Valley of California and raised on Buck Owens’ “Streets of Bakersfield.” Scott is a former financial professional and business school graduate of Pepperdine University and California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. He is a CPA and has worked with companies such as Deloitte, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Castle & Cooke, Viacom, Mammoth Mountain and Aera Energy, a Joint Venture between Exxon Mobil & Royal Dutch Shell.

To inquire about speaking availability, please connect with Scott at: scottpatrickerwin@gmail.com

"Although we live in time and space on a calendar, life is not linear. It has stops and starts. It has zigs and zags. We cannot always make sense of it. Live making the best of the moments placed in front of you. Life is your chance to create something beautiful - your master dance, your brilliant ballet, your magnum opus. Life is an improvisation. Like the Master Choreographer who made you in His image, you just have to be creative." 

- Scott Patrick Erwin