About the Actor

In a suit, but no tie!
Photo: Nikita Krishtop-Samarsky Insta: @nyc_photographer_nikita 


That's the question I have asked myself for the last 15 years. I finally discovered the answer when I quit that corporate gig and became the artist I was born to be. I was living the life society wanted me to live. Goodbye suit & ties! Hello ballet shoes, metaphorically that is.  My name is Scott Patrick Erwin and I am an actor.

As an actor I can play a good guy, a bad guy, the wise guy, the smart guy, the smartass guy, the Dad, the Doctor, or the Detective. And of course I can play a really good boring CPA. 

I am a multi-talented professional. In addition to ballet & dance partner training I've got a mean country swing, I can sing everything from Waylon Jennings to Frank Sinatra. I am skilled in martial arts, holding a blackbelt in Karate and have studied Aikido. I can spin a bo staff, swing nunchucks, and wield a Scottish longsword. I grew up as a hunter so I am comfortable with and very safety conscious around firearms. I enjoy all outdoor sports and activities including golf, football, basketball, baseball, and sand volleyball. I have experience hiking, backpacking, skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, mountain biking, swimming, whitewater rafting, and skydiving. I am trained as a performance automobile driver and absolutely love driving fast.

“It is great to be a master dancer, 

but it is more fun to be a character. 

You will be remembered. 

You will be appreciated. Your story will be told by others. 

Where possible, in the dance of life, be a character.”  

- Scott Patrick Erwin


Yes, that's me, not in a suit n' tie! 
Ballerina: Katie WalshPhoto: Ann Conrad